Bulk change glyphicon in groupbox

Hi there! I'm wondering if there's any way to change the 'plus' and 'minus' glyphicons that groupboxes use by default to expand or collapse. I'd like to change it into any other glyphicon for all groupboxes in my entire project, so it would be nice to have a solution that bulk-replaces it. I hope you can help out, thanks! Marieke
2 answers

In your Custom theme.css you can chose which font (Glyphicons is a font set) and the letter content code. You can do this by adding a class:

 .glyphicon-minus:before {
content: "\2212"; }

The number in the content is the icon code. If you change the number in the content to the number of the font Icon you want.


Still works nicely. With chevron up and down:

.mx-groupbox .glyphicon-plus:before {
content: "\e114"; }
.mx-groupbox .glyphicon-minus:before {
content: "\e113"; }