How can I publish my application in app store?

Hi all, I have created an application for desktop. Now I want to publish that app in Mobile app store for Android and iOS mobiles. I tried for it with google. I found that PhoneGap is used for this. But I am not getting how exactly that is happening. I want to know clearly how can we publish it to app store from our modeler. Please tell me how can I do this from starting. And also provide me if there is any videos contains this process for easy understanding purpose. Thanks in advance.   Thanks, Venkat.
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Hi Venkat,

PhoneGap can build your app and package it in a format suitable to be uploaded to the Google or Apple app stores.

However the procedure to actually upload something to one of these stores is not that straightforward, you need at least a confirmed account and a signature with which to sign your apps (and additional steps). A google search points to and

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See also the documentation here: