OData client V2 access Mendix OData V3

We want to implement OData by using SAP dataservices. The issue is that SAP dataservices only only supports OData V1 and V2, while Mendix is using OData V3. At this moment we get errors like: URL/username not correct. We see on the Mendix server that the request arrives (session created and closed). Is there a log level that we can use to see if Mendix find any other issues with the request? Is it possible to use the Mendix OData by a client that uses OData V2? If not is there a workaround possible to get this work? Note: SAP dataservices has the OData V3 and V4 on their roadmap, but expectation is that it will not be delivered within half a year.
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The log node you're looking for is called RestServices. However, any other version than OData v3 is currently not supported.