Add scrollbar to listview

Hi all, I have a listview that is nested into a layout grid with 3 columns. I would like to add a scrollbar to the listview. Any ideas how to do that? Would be great :)
2 answers

Can you give a fixed height and scroll overflow in the style part of the listview?

Add this to the style part of the listview: height: 300px; overflow: scroll;

If this works I recommend to make a class that does this instead of using the style in Mendix. In case you only need either of both scrollbars (horizontal/vertical), you could also use overflow-y: scroll and overflow-x:hidden


Make sure to use a class that selects that you then use in a stylesheet in such a manner that it only selects the content part of your listview so that you can keep your search elements at the top and visible at all times while scrolling trough the contents.