Ibm watson

Hi, i am trying to use the logistics app. By default, the sensor data is using the AWS Iot. Can you put a demo or tutorial on how we can integrate into Ibm watson? I have my device connected to Watson. How do i get that sensor data from watson into mendix and view the live data on logistics iot app?
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Hi Vasishtha,

You can find a Connector Suite example project here on the link below or through the app store and searching on Watson.



To add on Corné's answer:

* In the Mendix Desktop Modeler you can open the App store tab and search for Watson.

Then download the IBM Watson Connector Suite Connector.

After installation all the IBM Watson connectors are directly available from the Microflow toolbox.

* In the App store we've also added a IBM Watson Connector sample project. This contains some examples.