Prevent deploying to sandbox by default

Hi, By default my new project deploys to a sandbox, but I do not want a sandbox at all. Every time I open the model and hit F5, it deploys to the sandbox. Worst of all: all changes are committed without my notes, so I do not have a written record of my changes. How can I delete the sandbox and prevent from deploying to a sandbox? Regards, Paul
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Hey Paul,

You can choose where to deploy to by changing the deployment setting. However every new project will still have this by default. Every team server will get a sandbox by default aswell. After changing the deployment location however it will stick on your choice untill you close and re-open the project/modeler.

So I suggest a change request to make this by choice, since it is not possible right now.

BTW F5 will correspondent with the selected choice so that makes it a little less of a burden. But still you need to remember to change it after everytime you open the project.

change deployment choice