After Upgrading to 5.19 could not load my project because of DomException: Failed to set the session property on Storage: Setting the value of session exceeded the quota

Hi, I upgraded to the 5.19 MX version and tried to run my project and was not able to load the project correctly. The project compile and was able to logging to the system (saw the info message in console) but afterwards I got a client side error with the following message: 'DomException: Failed to set the 'session' property on 'Storage': Setting the value of session exceeded the quota' and the site was not loaded. After some debugging I noticed that this happens because in the browser's 'Local storage' it's saved all the information from the session (csrftoken). In order to make it work, I had to delete a big enumeration to get some space. I would like to know, if this happens only in the case of a big enumeration or for example if my data model gets bigger I will have this problem in the future?. How can this problem be avoided or is there a better solution than just deleting something to get more space? Thanks in advance Maria
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The error you see is indeed because the allocated space for local storage has been exceeded (on Chrome in this case). The only thing that the client stores in local storage is the session data, which is very small. It's also overwritten every time the client gets new session data (which is on reload) so you won't run out of space.

It is possible that you're using custom widgets which write data to local storage. If you could file a ticket with an example application in which we can reproduce it, we'll take a look at it.

Thank you for reporting this.