Getting Started with Mendix lecture 10.9

Hi there, In lecture 10.9 you need to makle a ScheduledCourse_Details page. In step 7 of the intstuction you have to add a dataview. But the steps 8 to 13 don't work. I just don't get the desired result. I cannot choose the rigth assets in order to create the page. I simply don't know what I do wrong. Does someone have a solution? Working with modeler 7.6.0. Thanks a lot! Richard 
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Hi Richard, 


I'm struggling to understand what the problem is. When you want to create the new page, just right click on the list view on the Phone_Home_Default page. 


When selecting properties, you can choose to show a page, there you need to make a new page named Scheduled_Course_Details. 


After that, you can add the dataview to that new page, which will look like this:


Does this help? If not, could you explain in which step this does not work? Maybe add some screenshots of your own to show us?