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We run on-prem and have two servers sitting behind a load balacer in our production environment.  In our application, our screens include client logos which get uploaded via an image uploader widget on an admin page. I spent the morning looking into how it all works and found the files (renamed as GUIDs) stored in the /data/files folder on the application server.  My question is around how the files are renamed when uploaded.  Is the GUID  value based on system time, etc. or a fixed value based on the original file name?  I.e. Is there a way to ensure a file is always named the same on different servers?  I tried uploading the images on both servers but they appear to get named differently so the reference in system$filedocument.__uuid__ will only ever be correct on one server.  Is the only way for this to work to upload the image on one of the servers and then copy the file to the second server?  Can I create a network share and mount it on both servers and redirect the /data/files folder to the mount point?
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Hi Michael,

   The GUID is generated by the business server and is not something I recommend trying to reconstruct on another system.  Instead of using two servers with two different file systems, Mendix recommends using a shared storage location as outlined here:

I hope this document is helpful for you and gets you started with configuration of your load-balanced system.