Validate and verify through Mendix

Dear Mendix-developer,  I momently work at a big contractor in the Netherlands and I would like to use Mendix to increase the quality of our construction works. My question to you is whether you have a sample app or you can help me develop this app. I would like to load excel data in Mendix and then validate and verify through this app. The aim is to load the requirements (via Excel) and building components (via Excel) intro Mendix and to validate and verify throughout this app by linking the requirement to a building component. I know how to compile attributes and their entity, but do not know how to upload external data (non-preset) and visualize it nicely through pages.   Could you help me with this?   With kind regards,   Nisam
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For importing excel based requirements/parsing the files, you can either use the 'ExcelImporter' app store module and try to implement that or you could try creating your own Java actions that can do the parsing of the .xls files.

If you're looking for some help with styling/creating the system from someone else, this seems like a hefty job so you may need to look into a Mendix partner and getting a quote and do some requirements gathering.