how can i export excel with the tabular format ,where i can show table data into rich design format.

Hi, is there any custom functionality in mendix from which we can design excel with table content & rich feature. we have default excel export available but mendix not support to custom excel creation (it show pdf,doc,docx,tif form into 'Document type' format). please suggest if some one have some idea.   thank Mandeep
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Hi Mandeep,

For designing the Excel Export content (so static column data, dynamic data, data over association, multiple worksheets) the Excel Exporter module can be downloaded from the AppStore.

For actual (conditional) formatting and styling there is -as fas as I know- no out-of-the-box solution yet. If that is needed you need to add some Java action to handle the downloaded Excel or create the export yourself. For this you need Java knowledge and the libraries:

  • org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.*;

are needed. This is no easy road to take unless you have experience with this.