400 Bad Request SSL certificate

Hello all,  I have an issue that until now I've not been able to solve. I hope someone here can help me, because I don't know anything about certificates (I know, this is very unfortunate...).   When going to: nameofdomain.mendixcloud.com using the Safari browser*, some**  people will get the following error: "400 Bad Request SSL certificate".  I have encountered this error myself, and previously I have been able to solve it by resetting my Keychain Access. This is not a solution we want to communicate to the client though.  It seems to be a problem with the certificate on the Mendix-domain side, as there (apparently) is a different certificate on the custom domain that is used at the client, for the same application.   Is there anyone who has any idea about how to solve this problem?    Many (!) thanks in advance,    Loet   * This issue does not occur on Chrome, Firefox or IE ** This seems to be random        
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This does not seem to be related to Mendix. When I search on this error it seems that the cookie mechanism of Safari seems to be the problem so that cookies are becoming corrupt. Deleting the cookies seems the solution. So I do not think this can be solved on the Mendix side.