Can we make data grid as default selected with our own record?

Hi all, I have a data grid in a page(say A) and dataview with listener from data grid. Now I want to open page A from another page(say B) data grid with the help of a button. When I click on the button next to the record in data grid of page B, I want to show the page A with defalut selected with the salected record in page B. How can I approch this? Please suggest me a possible solution for this. Atleast let me know whether it is possible or not. Thaks, Venkat.  
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The only control you have over the selection in the datagrid on page A is if the first row is selected. So from page B you could determine what object you would like to select on page A. Change a sorting attribute on the object for page A, so that this is the top record in the datagrid and make sure the datagrid is set to select first = true.

It not a pretty solution but might work, you do however need to take into account that multiple users might be doing the same action, so the sorting needs to be linked to the user performing the action. Also think about a reset when pressing the button from page B.