session timeout with deeplink

Our users login to our system and then via a thirdparth app deeplinks will be opened in an ongoing basis. we have set the browser to open the deeplink each time in the same tab to prevent multiple tabs be opened. problem now is the users get logged out after a while. I have played arround with sessiontimeout and keepalive but it seem not to work. Dont know if its because the user after loggin in the deeplinks are opened in the same tab over and over. I have set for example the sessiontimeout to 1200000 . but they still get logged while working
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To clarify do you mean by opening a deep link in the same tab the users actually navigate via deep link to another application? Meaning the Mendix application that you build is no longer opened in any tab of their browser?

If so the regular keepalive functionality from Mendix won't work anymore and it is only logical the users will get logged out.

You could try PersistentSessions as explained in the custom settings documentation. This should keep your users logged in. Although as stated it could have negative side effects on performance.