Second level associations

Hi all I have three entities: OrderHead, OrderLine and Comment. Associations: - OrderHead 1-* Orderline - Orderline 1-* Comment I have a page to create new comments. The page containts attributes from comments entity and should also show attributes from OrderLine and OrderHead. Showing attributes from OrderLine is works by drag&drop the asscociated fields from the connector tab. However, there is no link and fields for OrderHead attributes. Any suggestions how to display OrderHead attributes on the comments page? Would be great :-)
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The connector shows the attributes for which editable input widgets can be made. If you drag in an attribute from OrderLine, you will get a reference selector which allows you to change the reference of the comment to another order line. This might not be what you want if you just want to display some data.

To get a read-only display and reach attributes further down the line, you can add a text box by hand - from the toolbar or toolbox - and then look at the connector again. Now, you can drag in attributes of entities that are two associations away from the current object. Or you can right-click the widget and choose "Select attribute...".

The result will look something like this, where the second widget is the reference selector you would get if you simply drag an attribute of OrderLine.

A data view with attributes of three entities