Show more button on data grid

Hi, I'm busy with building a data grid, but I want a data grid who shows the first 3 objects. If you have more than 3 objects you can press the "show more" button at the bottum of the grid. Can somebody explain to me how I could fix this, because i'm struggling with this problem for a while. For if this is not possible: Is it possible to add a scrollbar to the grid? Thank you in advance!  
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Hi Atse, you might consider a ListView widget. This widget provides the show more functionality you descibe. 


You might also consider putting 2 grids on your page. One would have just the 3 lines, and other would show 20+ rows with paging enabled as Mike suggests. Then, set conditional visibility on these grids based on some boolean attribute in your context entity, and create a "show more/ show less" button that toggles that attribute's value.



In the properties of a DataGrid, there is a switch which will display paging buttons, shown below:


This will display the following paging buttons on a datagrid:


Not sure if this meets your requirements or not.