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Hello, 1. Is there any minimum proven experience for Advanced Developer Certificate? 2. As I see, there is no learning path, asin Rapid Dev.Cert. What should I work? Is there any document that includes the all the responsibilities about Adv.Dev.Cert? Which online resources do you have to get this cert. Or class is the only way?
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The advanced learning paths are covering the theory of the topics you need to know, before taking the advanced exam. One Learning path is missing at the moment "Advanced Domain Modeling" This one will be online soon (1-2 weeks...)

By taking these and passing the knowledge checks, you have the baseline of knowledge to take the advanced developer certification exam. Next to knowledge, you need a fair amount of experience. On average 6-9 months of experience is required. You need to be able to create a solution based on a customer requirement (Userstory) in a restricted amount of time. Which test if you are able to translate that requirement effectively. Thus, not modeling an app by trail and error and playing around, but spot on. test it, sharpen it and deliver it.

I would advise you to first take the rapid developer path, certify as rapid developer and join a Mendix developement team. In the meanwhile, take the online advanced learning paths and build experience.

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I do not think it is required to take the classes in order to take the advanced exam.

There are several online training modules that help you prepare for the advanced certification. At the moment they do not cover all required subjects, but I was told these modules will be added soon.

Currently the following modules are available:

  • Learn How to Handle Errors
  • Master Modeling Microflows
  • Win at Working with Data
  • Learn How to Track Application Behavior
  • Configure Advanced Security

You can find the modules at:

Mendix has included a sample application that helps you practice the theory. I think it is very good!

Grt. Arjan



1. No, there is no pre-requisite to take the exam. You can take the exam without any experience at all, but to be able to pass it, you will need to know your way around the Modeler. The general advise is 6-9 months experience, but the more experienced developer you are, the shorter period you will need.

Having said that: first step is of course becoming a Rapid Developer.

2. The agenda of Arjan is quite complete, only thing missing is the projectmanagement: Stories&Tasks and Feedback items that you need to be familiar with.

I have recently followed the two-day Advanced Course and know that this training does cover everything you need to know to pass the Advanced Exam. So it is a good prep.