how to create unique attributes in an entity with a combination letters and Numbers and also some customizable naming patterns

hi would like to know  how to create sample ID       ID format should be  Some Request Types configuration has some ...  Type1 .. Type n AutoNumber for attribute should have the something like Type1ID000012 Type2ID000014 Type 1 and Type 2 should be formulated based on the type of the request type for this Request record.... Is this possible here.. 
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Hi Karthik,


You can accomplish by using two more attributes. 

SampleID (the attribute that is the ID) - string

Autonumber( attribute that will generate the number) - autonumber


You can setup a before commit event on the entity and use a change activity to set the value of "SampleID" to however you want it to be

$Entity/_Type + toString($Entity/AutoNumber)


Here is the link to the event handler documentation


yes it is possible.

I suggest that you take a look at the rapid developer path and the advanced module about microflow expressions.

Those will give you a good start.