Display distinct attribute in Data View?

I have attribute that has value "A,B,A,C,D,A,B " (coming from external file in Mendix and not allowed to change and even I can't assign it as unique) Now I want to use this attribute in Data view with unique value (A,B,C,D). 1)OQL will not help in this case as I think 2) I can create another entity and then insert all unique value so that I can use as reference selector( but don't its a good option) 3) Do we have option to use distinct /unique in xpath constraint ? 4) Other better approach ..... Could you kindly suggest me the better approach in this case.?
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You could do two things:

1) Use a microflow for the selector as the source of the data. Retrieve the values in a list, loop through the list to create a second list of the same objects and only add the values if the value for the attribute is not already in the list (with a find action list operation)

2) Create a separate entity and perform the same type of action as under option 1 but then to create the distinct values in the new entity and use this entity as the source for the reference selector.

I would choose option 2 for performance reasons.

Hope this helps you further in implementing a solution.