Error: Access is denied in IE10

When trying to access an 5.18 app in IE10, a blank page is displayed. The app is running on-premise and there is nothing to see in the logfiles on the IIS webserver (c:\windows\System32\LogFiles, or C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles), and nothing in the mendix console. When debugging the page in IE10, the following message is shown: Error: Access is denied. The homepage contains the LoginForm widget from the appstore. Now, when enabling Active scripting in the security settings from IE10, the loginpage is displayed. What can I do to show the loginpage in IE10 without adding the app as a trused site or enable the active scripting?
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You don't need Active Scripting (previously known as ActiveX) to see the login page.

My gut feeling is that you have some other security setting switched on in IE10 that is disabling JavaScript completely. Either that or something is wrong with your user profile in windows. Here's a post on the Microsoft forums with a similar error message, where the poster resolved his issue by creating a new user profile.

Edit: here's another post on stackoverflow that mentions this might just be an issue on your localhost or local intranet.