Passing list object to page within microflow

Hi all, I am building a microflow to create a new WorkOrder. The WorkOrder composed out of a WOHead (Customer, etc.) and several WOLines. A WOLine describes a standard workstep. During the creation process of a workorder, I would like to allow the user to select several standard worksteps and add them to the WOHead as WOLine. To that end, I am building a microflow: Step 1: Create new object "NewWOHead" Step 2: Show page with "NewWOHead" as input variable. User can add contents. Save. Step 3: Create List Object "List with StandardWorksteps" Step 4: Retrieve all StandardWorksteps from database (StandardWorksteps is an entity) Step 5: Show page with "List with StandardWorksteps" as input parameter and display values on templateGrid. Here I get stuck, because I cannot select the list as input object to be passed to the page. Any ideas?! Would be great.
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You could create a container entity with references to both WOHead and WOLines. In step 5, the templategrid can retrieve the standard worksteps via data source microflow. Create a button on the templategrid which passes both container object and standardworksteps line to a microflow.

In this microflow you can retrieve WOhead by association and copy and commit standardworksteps lines to WOLines.


HI Roeland,

thx for your answer. This sounds like a feasible solution. Still, there must be a way to retrieve a list of objects (all standardworksteps stored in entity) and pass them to a page. One the page, these items should be displayed in a templategrid... any further ideas?



I am facing similar issue, have you found a solution to pass a list to display on a page?

Thank you