I am trying to create a notification system feature which will be able to send notifications to specific roles based on input

This is the image. whenever the user selects faculty or administrator only he should be able to view the information, not the other roles. i have 3 user for this Faculty,Admin,Student
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You can accomplish this with a non persistent entity and a datagrid with data source as microflow. Add this datagrid to whatever page you want to display notifications and use the microflow I uploaded to model share as the datasource. This allows for multiple notifications to be displayed to a user. 




This microflow will give you a good idea on how to get this started. You will still need to figure out how to neatly display this on a page, as well as handling the case a user has multiple user roles. 

I also recommend adding a boolean on the notification table to disable certain notifications.


Also if you want to only display one notification, use the microflow in a dataview (you will have to make the changes in the retrieve and the end event to only return a single object).