pivotDataWidget date format

I've got the widget to work correctly for me when using strings as the x and y axis attributes; however, I haven't been able to get it to work when using a datetime. I've tried dd-MM-yyyy, MM/dd, mm/dd, dd-mm,...you get the idea. I see the screenshots of the widget in the app store with dates rolled up as yyyy-mm but am unable to reproduce. Any one have luck with this?
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Did you download the demo project or the GitHub repo? The repo has the demo as test project. It does cover dates. If your situation is not covered I will be happy to add it.

Edit: A date as axis ID value did not work at all. I guess I never tried that after the first versions and it got broken sometime ago.

I fixed it and included a demo page for it in the demo project.

I also recovered the theme.css from an older commit as it no longer contained the custom CSS classes.

It may take some time to get it on the appstore as I no longer work for the company for which it is published.

You can get the new widget mpk from the release on GitHub