How to abort Scheduled Events that are running indefinitly according to the scheduledeventinformation ?

Some of our scheduled events microflows failed (error status according to the scheduledeventinformation) and some of them are running continuosly (running status according to the scheduledeventinformation) due to some interface changes at the external server that is used within microflows that are called by the scheduled events We fixed the issue, uploaded a new version and restarted the application and every thing is fine. However, the scheduled events that were still running are still runing according to the scheduledeventinformation within the application.  I have two questions - How can I check in an other way if indeed the events/microflows are still runing (after restart and reprogramming) ? Is there an otherway to see which scheduled events are running than via the application (with scheduledeventinformation)  ? - If there are events/microflow still running, how can I abort them ?
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Hi Robert,

When you implement the Scheduled events module together with the process queue module you will have full controll of your SE's. You will be able to run SE's sync/async, set number of threads, abort etc. and you can monitor the SE's as well.

Good luck!

Greetings Marco 


After a reset of the environment all the scheduled events also have been restarted. The scheduled event information is only a representation. So if a scheduled event did not stop the status is is also not changed and will never be changed unless you would do this yourself. But I would not bother about it. You know that after a reset all is back to normal again.

Another way to check to see if something is running is by going to the environment in sprintr. When you go to Metrics you have a tab with Running now. Here you can see the microflow that are actually running on the environment. And this is also the place where you can try to kill a microflow. This does not always work by the way and then you still need to restart your environment.