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Hi all, First time post. I just heard about Mendix this morning and i'm trying to get a picture of what it has to offer. What I need (and have in my 'old' platform (filemaker)) is a offline copy of my data in a mobile app, my endusers go places without phone coverage. They need to manipulate that data and sync with the central database when connection is restored, typically once a day. In the meantime data on the central database can and will be altered too so I need two-way sync. Is this possible in Mendix? second question; Any people familiar with filemaker here?
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Hi Bert,

  I am not familiar with filemaker, but Mendix does support offline mobile with data synchronization.  Here is some official documentation about the abilities and limitations of Mendix when building an app with offline synchronization:

  Many things function the same online and offline, but as of today executing traditional microflows is not possible when offline.  Mendix executes the business logic on the application server, so executing client side business logic requires some Javascript. 

  Hopefully this gets you started!