IoT - how to create a Root CA for AWS?

In the IOT tutorial ( I can see we need a root CA from AWS.  I don't see how this gets created on the AWS platform. Only option I have is to download it as text, while it seems in the tutorial like a .crt file is expected.  Has anybody done this?  Thanks!  
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Hi Arthur,


You can create an certificate on the AWS website after you've create a free account.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on "Get started for free"
  3. Follow the instructions to create an account.
  4. Then click again on the Get started for free button on the link in step 1.
  5. Login using your credentials
  6. Go to the AWS IoT service when you're not already there. 
  7. Click on Get started
  8. Click, on the left side, on Secure.
  9. Then click on create certificate.
  10. Click on Create certificate

I hope this will help you continue to follow the tutorial :-)



Hi Jeffrey, first of all thanks a lot for your response. I have indeed managed to create a certificate and private key on AWS, However the tutorial seems to also refer to a so called "CA" or "rootCA" (see below image 1) .

On AWS, you sort of get the option to create a Root CA (see image 2), but all this does is open a new web page (see image3)

On the tutorial, they seem to have a RooCA.pem.crt file in the resources. I was wondering how that was created.

Thanks again!