[How-To Suggestion Topic] - October edition - Open

Mendix offers documentation in several ways: Reference Guide, API Documentation, How-to’s, and more. But we all know it’s never enough, right? That’s why you can now post your suggestions for new how-to’s! Goal: To expand our how-to sections and to create better and more relevant content for you as a developer. The rules: Post 1 suggestion per reply You can suggest a maximum of 3 suggestions per topic Vote up the suggestions you like and comment on it Make sure your suggestion isn’t already in an existing how-to The 3 suggestions with the most votes will be turned into how-to’s No down voting! The how-to suggestion topic will be open for 1 month This is not a feedback topic. Use the following format: Topic and description of the how-to Motivation for why you think we should create it
2 answers

I would like a search function on the Runtime documentation or the Client api documentation. Or otherwise a more complete explaination/overview of all the usefull mendix specific java and javascript possibilities I could use when making my own widgets and java actions.

My motivation is that I am currently spending alot of time going through all these list to find if specific functions already exist. Furthermore, the explaination in the documentation is sometimes not very elaborate. For example there is a stop and start transaction functionality, but I cannot quickly find any information on what this java function exactly does.


The documentation site is actually pretty good but I would like to have a shortcut from the modeller when a use specific function in a microflow. When I type


and I press F1 I would like to go to this page.

I admit: it is just for convenience.