Mendix Knowledge Meetup New Years Edition [10 jan 2018] - Rotterdam, NL

Hi all, It's time for yet another bimonthly Mendix Knowledge Meetup. The main purpose of these sessions is to share knowledge and best practices with other developers. In January we organize the next knowledge Meetup. To make it a success, we need you! Let us know in what kind of topic you are interested and also if you would like to present! Do you want to showcase a project you've recently finished together with the challenges you have encountered and how you've solved them? Have you build a cool new widget or module that you want to show and explain to the community? This is your chance.   Agenda 18:00 - 19:00 - Dinner 19:00 - 21:00 - Presentations Altas UI by Erik Heddema Unittesting by Tim van Steenbergen To be determined   21:00 - 22:00 - Drinks General information Please let us know if you join us for dinner and if you have a special diet.  The knowledge sessions are hosted by Mendix Expert Developer Anthony Dickinson and MVP Kilian Croese. Contact Anthony or Kilian to reserve a slot in the agenda for this meetup or a future knowledge session: or -----  We organize monthly community meetups. One month we organize a free format meetup where you can freely ask questions and meet the other developers. The other month we facilitate a knowledge session where the community shares best practices and Mendix knowledge on a specific topic. Check the complete meetup calendar here.
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Hey all,

First of all, the best wished for 2018! We still have one slot available to share your knowledge at the next meetup. Contact us if you want a piece of the stage.

Happy modelling!