Multiple pages on flexible document(footer)

We have a couple of multi-tenant applications. In these applications we offer our customers the possibility to be flexible with the content of the documents that can be created within the apps. This works fine however, if a document has more then 1 page the flexible content goes on until the absolute bottom of the page and then continues on the next page. This happens with big string data or tables with multiple rows. If for example a customer uses it's own letter lay-out with a footer, threw a pdf-overlay, the flexible text goes right over the footer. Untill this moment we've tried a lot of tricks to bypass this problem but we haven't found a solution yet. The footer functionality that Mendix offers does not help since the content is flexible and there is no way to define the end of the page beforehand. Is there a solution?
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Have you ever looked at other solutions then the Mendix templates? Perhaps a solution like Appronto offers is something that is useful to you: