Retrieve list of boolean values and show other words relative to true/false?

I've got a ToDo list with lots of status objects with booleans; true and false. Is it possible to convert the words 'true', 'false', to something else relatively? I.e. "true = finished" and "false = not done"? Currently working with an enumeration to solve this, but I want a toggle button to check a task, instead of two radio buttons showing both possible answers. Update: as far as I can tell, you cannot change boolean values only visually, so enumeration is the way to go..   Obviously alternative question is showing a enumeration with two values as a toggle/check box. Nevertheless, I think the previous question is more easy.
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Hi Sander,

In an editable detail page, you could take a look into widgets like Boolean Slider for custom displaying booleans. In a read-only detail page, you could work with conditional visibility on a text you insert yourself.

For an overview page, this is somewhat more difficult. A datagrid doesn't have that much options, so you have to take a look at template view or use a widget like the Data Grid Extension.

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Johan Flikweert


You could use the boolean slider widget, this widget can set the true/false values to something custom.