Caching and AOP in Mendix: is there a uniform or standardized approach for server-side caching within a Mendix application?

Using the Mendix Business Modeler to build web-applications is fundamentally different than developing web-applications using technologies like Java/Spring/JSF. But, I'm going to try to compare the two for the sake of this question: In a Java/Spring based application, I can integrate my application with the 3rd party product Ehcache to cache data at the method level. For example, I can configure ehcache to store the return value for a given method (with a specific time-to-live). Tried to get with Selenium also. Whenever this method is called, ecache will automatically check if the method has been called previously with the same parameters and if there is a stored return value in the cache. If so, the method is never actually executed and instead the cached method return value is immediately returned. I would like to have the same capabilities within Mendix, but in this case I would be caching Microflow return values. Also, I don't want to be forced to add actions all over the place explicitly telling the Microflow to check the cache. I would like to register my Microflows for caching in one centralized place, or simply flag each Microflow for being cached. In other words, this question is just as much about the concept of aspect-oriented-programming (AOP) in Mendix as it is about caching: is there a way to get hooks into Microflow invocation so I can apply pre and post execution operations? In my opinion the same reasons why AOP has it's place an purpose in Java exist in Mendix.
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