PivotTableWidget using Float

I'm sure Marcel will grab this one as well ;) I can use strings for Counts, and currency or int's for summaries, but I can't seem to use float or decimal. It would be really handy. I'm making a lot of use of this widget in apps for reporting because I can leverage the intersect to create drill-down (since Zoom won't let me pass parameter values in the OQL reporting solution).
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Let's skip float as it is only inches from being blown to bits anyway.

I never included float in the first place as it is difficult to group data on a float value. I never could think of a usecase with a float as ID value.

Do you want the decimal as data cell value or ID value?

If you want to use decimal as ID value, could you describe a usecase for that? Or even better, create a little demo project and invite me to it. My email riddle: first.last and I work for itvisors dot com.

Edit: Decimal seems to work just fine. Can you give it a try and help me test this?

If all is well, I will recreate the release and try to get it in the appstore.


Edit2: I ran into issues with another widget during sandbox deploy. It seems the deploy does not like that I refer to the JavaScript Big library (for Decimal support) by including big/big in the module list. Locally this works perfectly but the deployment and the check widgets tool choke on my widget, build log has an error about referring to big/big

Edit 3: I convert Decimal to JavaScript Number before using in the calculations. No more big/big reference so no more deployment issue. But only second best because I wanted to use Big objects throughout the pivot table widget for accuracy. Please give it a try!