Source for Phongap Mendix Developer App

I have an improvement for the Developer App How can I contribute? is the source code available somewhere? The Mendix developer app does not allow the use of redirect. window.location.href = url; This is security restricted in the confi.xml Adding : <allow-navigation href="*"/> Would solve the problem. FYI: Redirect to 'login.html' would not work, because it would try to open in from it's own app resource directory. You will have to use the full URL including the domain name. For example. I could make my own build (what i have to do in the end anyway), But it would be better if this setting will be part of the standard App. Or is there a whole other way to solve this problem?
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Good question! We're not quite ready to do that as of yet, but possibly somewhere in the near future. I'll try to keep you updated here.