Using Entity Attributes in a OQL report inside a ListView

Hi All, Im having an issue and trying to solve it in a creative way.. I have a Listview which shows me all users from an entity Users. Inside each list i want to have an OQL Report which only gets the data from thecurrent  User where the list is at that moment. How can i pass on the User to the OQL? So the report in the list shows only records from the current displaying user?
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Hi Mark,

An alternative to using OQL, you can setup a dataview with datasource "Listen to Widget", that will listen to a datagrid or listview. Now when a user selects a record from the list, the dataview will populate with that objects information. 


Also, if you want to display information that is associated to the accounts table, you can setup lists within the dataview that will display a users associated objects. For the list, you can use data source over an association or xpath.



Hope this helps!