integrate a mendix application with a CMS

We have an existing website where we have static content and a more dynamic part. The idea we will manage the static content in a CMS like Kentico and for the dynamic part to create a mendix application. The dynamic part is an application that has some form pages with questions asked to the user. At the end the user can order and pay for a package of services that we offer. The question is : how would you combine a CMS with a mendix application? Is it possible to use the application as some kind of "widget" application inside something else like a CMS? Or would you do it otherwise?  Our business people ask for a proposal for solution on short term but I'm not sure what's best to suggest. 
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Hi Olivier,

You could IFrame the Mendix application in the CMS application however that has some limitations like the loss of responsive UI. Or you could open the Mendix pages in a separate window. Or make the navigation/header/footer looking the same in both the CMS and the Mendix application to flow fluently from one to the other and back. None of the options are perfect. 

Kind regards, 

Mitchel Mol