Styling of data within a container

Hi Everybody! Im currently working on module 10 of the training path. In step 20, a number of upcoming courses is retrieved and shown on the project dashboard. I am able to display the number of upcoming courses. The styling of the number in the textbox should use the class "dashboardstat-number". The number isn't formatted by this style, and I can figure out what I did wrong.  Who can help me with this issue? Thank you in advance!  
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I see that you uses 7.11, which has Atlas UI as default.

Possibly the mentioned class isn't available in Atlas UI. In that case the class card-counter will work


Hey Bart,

Did you complete this step? 

35. Add the dashboardstat-number class to the NrOfCourses attribute.

You can either doubleclick an object or view the class in the properties window of your modeler.

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Bas van Heugten


Hi everybody !

I have the same problem. The textBox ingore class properties, I try dashboardstat-number, dashboardstat-title and card-counter. All this class work for label.

Someone have an idea for resolve it ? Thanks for you help.