Template grid items not having the same width (depending on amount of items)

Is this new since 5.18/19? Ever since I updated my width of the items in a datagrid depends on the amount of objects in the grid, whereas before they stayed the same no matter the amount of objects. For example my template grid is a 5 column 4 row grid. Let's say my screen is 2000 pixels wide. If I have 5 items in this grid each of them will take up 400 pixels (which is what I want). If I have only 2 items in the data grid, I expect each of them to still only take 400 pixels (which I think was the behaviour before 5.18?) but now each of them will take 1000 pixels. Is there a way to overwrite this behaviour?
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This seems to be a bug in the new styling. We will fix this in a future release For now you can add this line of css to fix it:

.mx-templategrid .mx-templategrid-empty {
    display: table-cell;