Build Phonegap for custom installation

We have an on premises installation of a Mendix Application. Thus we can not use the PhoneGap build function of the Mendix cloud. Which steps do you need to follow to make a build for a Mendix PhonGap pp that is not connecting to a Mendix cloud slot? The follow steps I did, but something is missing: Make a Mendix Sandbox App. Deploy In sandbox Publish App for Mobile App Stores Build: "Do it yourself" Download teh Edit 'index.html' ( replace URL with new ip Address) zip and build with phone gap. Run local installation of Mendix server. Install on android and run. This will result in an error : "Cannot initialize app." in the app . The console says: Error: App startup failed(…) (anonymous function) @ console-via-logger.js:173 (anonymous function) @ bundle.js:438 tryCatcher @ bundle.js:4984 e.23.module.exports.Promise._settlePromiseFromHandler @ bundle.js:3126 e.23.module.exports.Promise._settlePromiseAt @ bundle.js:3202 e.2.Async._drainQueue @ bundle.js:682 e.2.Async._drainQueues @ bundle.js:687 e.2.exports.drainQueues @ bundle.js:515 The network logging, you will see all requests are successful No error in Mendix console Test was done on local development machine with same sandbox project running in the modeler. However, After the eror is shown. the home page microflow is called..... but nothing is showing on the screen. Hopefully someone can help me out on this issue. With kind regards, Andries
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