Question/complaint about the Domain Model.

I just got started with the introduction course with this new awesome product called Mendix, but what do I see here? It's 'the one thing that has bothered me for over a decade now' and apparently not even Mendix has yet tried to fix this unfeature. There is no 'unscramble' or 'make this Domain model look good' button. I still have to drag those entities all over the canvas and hope I get the best results. Even worse, with Mendix I can't even move or cut the association arrows. I have to delete them with all the description information lost. So could you Mendix programmers please please put this on your to-do list and beg your employers to make this medium-to-high priority? Sincerely, Rogier Sluimers
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I would question if this a fault of Mendix.