DatePicker on a independent page

Please advise how I can have DatePicker on a independent page. When user select the date picker, another page will load with the calendar and the "Done" and "Cancel" buttons. When user selects a date and press "Done" it load the previous page back with the selected date. Let me know if anybody has experience implementing date picker this way.
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Hi Vinod,

On your first page you can have a trigger that will open a popup page with a dataview and the datepicker widget in it. Im not sure exactly your case but heres an example.



A page with a microflow button


a microflow that passed the page object to the show page activity to open the pop up page.


the Pop up with the same dataview as the first page and the datepicker widget setup. Set the save button to close the page.


Alternatively, if you dont want to use a button to trigger the pop up, you can set the microflow button to render as link, make the caption an empty string, and pick an icon. I used a calendar icon here.



Instead of using the date picker widget, check out this widget.



Hi Austin,

Thanks for your response. I have a question though. Can we display datepicker widget as a  calendar in a new page where user can select a date and trigger an event for the same ? My understanding is that the date picker widget will pop up on the same page when clicked from where user can select a date.