Commit object, has an Error Pop up with empty message. No entity is committed

Hi, I have Address entity, and in one microflow, after "Commit Object" is called. An Empty Error message box pops up, it has no error message in it. Any idea of why this is happening? First, I thought it is entity access with the security role set up. I checked all roles and made sure they have entity access rights.  Now, I have no clue what is happening. The entity is not committed due to this error. Would appreciate if anyone can help?
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Do you perhaps commit the object itself in your microflow? Doing so will cause the microflow to be executed AGAIN which will cause a loop of circular logic.

Couple of places to check for more info:

  • Console logs, if you are running this locally
  • Debugger by putting breakpoints in your microflow
  • Validation restrictions on your entity

Hope this helps!


Are there any Before commit events setup for this entity? I believe if a before commit event returns a false it will throw an error. 

You can also check the validation rules on the entity. 


Any validations on attributes with an empty message? Or perhaps a custom widget acting up? Do you see any errors in the browser console? It might give you clues.