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In 2.5 I have created a form with a button to generate a document. The button is attached to a microflow to create the document. In the action "Generate document" is asked to select "File" (pull down menu is empty). What is needed ?
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Hi Jacco,

In the microflow that is invoked by the button, you need the following:

  1. An activity that creates a System.FileDocument
  2. A Generate document activity in which you use the created FileDocument and the Document Template that you have defined in the modeler
  3. If wanted: a Download File activity that downloads the created document or (when possible) shows the document in the browser

    When you now use the button, the document will be created.


Thanks !! This works perfect.

I created a custom button with a microflow on a form holding different documents. In the microflow:

  1. Create object on the custom table holding the documents and having a generalization on FileDocument
  2. Change object to fill the required fields and to relate it to the parent table
  3. Generate document function to create a word document
  4. Download file function to download the document.

This Generate document function works great.