Running Model SDK scripts in the Mendix Modeler

Hi! In my current situation I've used the SDK to automatically count specific elements in a project. However, I'd like to build an app around this functionality using the Modeler so that the calculations can be done at the push of a button, it runs the script and gives me back the results. In short I'd like to bring the results to the front-end for the end-user to process and not just the terminal. Is it possible to run scripts from the Model SDK in Modeler?  Many thanks in advance! Kind regards, Laxmi
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It is not possible to run Model SDK scripts directly from the Modeler, no.

I would definitely suggest you create a new idea for this in the Idea Forum.


This is not possible. Mendix applications run on java while the SDK runs on node.js. Maybe there is a way to run node.js on the JVM but I am not aware of such possiblity.
Your best option would be to run the SDK script as a separate web app that can be controlled via rest from your mendix app.  Of course, developing and deploying of this SDK app can not be done with the modeler.