How to take value from 5 pages and save in the last page?

I have 5 pages, I will go to different pages step by step. And in the last page I need to save those data in database. How to do it? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Manoj, I suggest you take a look at the introduction course and learning modules. They cover basic topics such as this. I think especially the one on pages is handy to work through:




Your pages should start with a Microflow and each Page in your flow should use "Call Microflow" buttons that pass the data along to the next page.


1. Create a New Object in MF #1, and Show Page passing that object 

2. (Enter some more data on this object) Have a "Next" button that calls another Microflow. This Microflow should have a parameter of the Object you are passing and should call the next page in your flow.

3. Repeat this process. On the last button, commit your object(s).


FYI - It seems like the learning path/documentation of creating "Wizards" may help you.