Date input field validation

Hi all, I've got a form based on an entity. There are no validation rules on the entity itsself. I do the validation on the form through a microflow which checks all required fields (muich like There is also a date attribute in the entity. This date field is required and the microflow checks this field as well. This works fine when I leave all fields empty. See the example below. However, when I fill in an invalid date, IE 'aaa', and I press the same button, it seems like an entity validation rule kicks in. This means my own microflow doesn't get hit when I press the save button, so I can't overrule this validation and it seems that this is done automagically by Mendix. See the example below. I would like all errors to display at the same time. I can't seem to find a solution for this. Anyone have any idea?
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This check (and all other data type validations) is performed by the Mendix input widget, i.e. on the client side. That is why your microflow doesn't even trigger.

There is not really any way to change this behaviour, because how would this work? In your example, should Mendix just send the value 'aaa' as the value of a DateTime attribute to your microflow? This would cause all kinds of problems in microflows, and it would force you to manually do all the data validation checks.