Storing Persistant Files on Azure

Hi, We have a requirement in our app to be able to take and upload pictures. The production app is hosted on Azure and uses CloudFoundry to build the container. We get an error message when logging in to the app (which prevents data from syncing):   2018-03-01T09:30:30.70-0500 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] OUT ERROR - Connector: The file 'Broken well.jpg' could not be found. 2018-03-01T09:30:30.70-0500 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] OUT ERROR - Connector: LocalFileSystemStore:: File does not exist for key: bf2c7e8f-2866-4b17-9567-af105229a697 We understand that any association to System.FileDocument requires persistent file storage which is what is throwing this error as CloudFoundry does not support persistent data storage. I have found documentation on how to do this on Azure Blob storage but the question we have is - is it possible to write to a file share (preferably SMB) or does this have to be to a file server (set up mount points etc...)?   Has anyone encountered a similar problem to this? Are there other possible solutions we may have missed?   Thanks,   Josh  
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