Login form widget - Safari private browsing mode

We noticed that the Mendix Login form widget does not work in certain instances. When running Safari in "Private Browsing" mode, it doesn't seem to accept any user id password combination (correct or otherwise). I noticed this when testing on a mobile device using Safari in "Private Browsing" mode. When running a session in Chrome's "Incognito" mode it appears to be just fine. I also don't see the logo we included on the login page where the Login form widget is called from when running in Safari. There is nothing on the widget that seems to relate to private browsing at all. FF and IE private browsing modes also work fine. I haven't tested this on any other mobile device, only iOS. I will provide an update if anything appears to be different on other mobile device browsers. Any idea what may be causing this?
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Just a little follow up on this forum post. We found and used the following stackoverflow question and used the javascript code to pop up a message to the user when they are running in private mode in Safari.


try { // try to use localStorage localStorage.test = 2; } catch (e) { // there was an error so... alert('You are in Privacy Mode\nPlease deactivate Privacy Mode and then reload the page.'); }