Gridview update loop

In our project we have a page using the GridView custom widget (from the TreeView/GridView widget). In Mendix 5.20.0 this has the following problem. The widget's update function gets called over and over again in an endless loop (pratically dos'ing both server and client in the process). In the widget configuration refresh on context change is turned off. The console shows an error occurring twice for every time update is called: mendix.sys.Data.subscribe: no 'entity' or 'guid' parameter found As we did not have this problem with Mendix 5.13.0 I suspect it has something to do with a change between these Mendix versions. Maybe something with timing for callback functions. I did some debugging, but to me it looks like everything that's of interest happens in mxui.js, which is minified and therefore beyond my skills to interpret. Does anyone recognize an issue like this or has any clue on a direction to take for fixing this?
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Your assumption is right and this might be because the update lifecycle function is triggered before the actual entity/guid context is available. The best you can do in this case is submit a ticket so Mendix can fix the widget.