Passing an object from one Mendix app to another

Hi,  Please take into consideration the following scenario. I have two Mendix apps. In the first app I have a page with a data grid with single selection mode enabled. When an item from the list is selected, it is used to go into another page, specific for that item. However, that page is in another separate app to which I get redirected.  In that page from the second app I need to have the item selected from the page from the first app. So my question is: how can I pass the selected item to the second app? Kind regards, Razvan
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What I would do:

  1. Create rest interface in App B for the data you want to display. Have it store the data and return any unique ID.
  2. Use the deeplink module to create a direct entry into your page. Use the unique ID to get and set the data needed.
  3. Create the following workflow to make it work:
    1. App A: When item in list is selected, send the item over the App B. App B returns the Unique ID.
    2. App A: Use redirect widget to go to deeplink with unique ID: example:
    3. App B: Do what you need to do on your page
    4. App B: When finished, on save, use deeplink + redirect widget to return back to original page.

I would suggest sending the object between different apps using a webservices in the apps. How to switch screen from one app to the other could be a more difficult exercise.


Try the deeplink module using a link with parameter, containing the autonumber or id or whatever identifier. The receiving microflow can search the object in the database and then show the page with the object as page parameter. Search the forum for some more info, like here.


Hi Razvan,

I haven't used this widget myself yet but you could try the Selection helper widget to select the correct item after opening the page in the app you call from the first app.