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Hello all,  First, I need to indicate that I have no real testing background but I do understand the use of Selenium IDE in basic.  Second, the problem is about the triggering of an event that is behind a button / link.  A scenario description for my problem: - I do a login (which works marvously by the way ) - I click a menu item (plays well) - I click a button on the page (which is in a table by the way) and it lights up, but that's it.  The button has a changeonevent behind it and it should load a new page. (it is the beginning of a microflow) The options I have already tried: command: click target: //td/div/div/div/div/span command: clickAndWait command: fireOnEvent Mostly, I use the commands waitForPageToLoad instead of using AndWait.  Also, I tried to use the xpath and other locators but it does light up so it can be found, it just won't "click".  Can anyone help me out? If you need more info, and I guess you do, please ask. I do not know what you all need to hear to figure this one out.  Thank you all in advance!
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